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Here's a product introduction.

Alfatorino water, which has a sterilizing power, has been confirmed to be safe as chlorine-free water, despite its coexistence of oxides and minus ions and its ability to sterilize with residual chlorine.



trinoskin ion water for skin

be licensed as a cosmetics manufacturer and distributor


alpha-trino water hair ion water

It gives your hair a luster, so it replenishes moisture and reduces itching.


Alpha-tino air-skitt

Please use hand spray for sterilization.AIR CLEANING METHOD BY ULTRASONIC SPRAYER


Alpha-Trinot Hot Bath

Please put 200cc-250cc in the "hot bath" for 200L.Please keep it in a dark place after use.


alpha-trinopet ion water

For pets, since it's neutral electrolytic water, it's safe, it's safe, and it's shiny.


alpha-light water

Please use 2L bottles of 2bottles in 3 days as a guide.It is about 1.3 liters per day.


torinoskin ion water for skin
For those with weak skin, using the ionized water from alpha-trinos for a long period of time will improve the gloss and firmness of the skin and improve the makeup and makeup.
alpha-torino water hair ion water
It moistens the scalp and keeps it healthy.It gives your hair luster and beauty and keeps it flexible.
alpha-toino air-skitt
Alpha-Torinos are safe and healthy water that excels in disinfecting and antise.
Alpha-Torinot Hot Bath
It's a product specially made for bathing using the same raw material as the licensed neutral electrolytic water, alpha-torino-water.。
alpha-torinopet ion water
It cleans the skin of the pet and gives it a glossy coat.A few sprays a day always keep pets clean and healthy and moist skin.  
Alpha torino gargle
OH WATER a specified oxygen compound that protects the health of the mouth (for gargling)        
New Wellcyn Eye Wash
It's eye wash water that keeps your eyes clean.It's not a medicine, so it can be used many times.It can also be used for contacts.       
alpha-light water
It is a new mineral water that protects your health by adding ultravibrational agitation, photocatalyst and electrolysis technology.      
Alpha torino Fandll Cosmetics
It is an innovative cosmetic that is made mainly of alpha-Torino water developed independently by cutting-edge nanotechnology and has added hyaluronic acid to moisturize the skin.Micromist quickly seeps into your skin. If you're concerned about dryness, you'll be able to feel it's penetrable.Even people with weak skin can use it with peace of mind.    
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