Anti-virus [Alpha-trino water]HEADLINE

neutral electrolytic water Alpha-trino water

There are many different ways to sterilize and remove viruses and bacteria: temperature, electromagnetic waves, high pressure, vacuums, photocatalysts.Among them, we are paying attention to the neutral electrolytic water alpha-trino water
@We are pleased to inform you of the news reports, the results of an audit by the Institute, and the products ofalpha-trino water when we sell .

Introduction to alpha-trino water
(Newspaper reports) Report on the results of inspections by research institutes, and report on the products, etc.

Alpha Torino Water and are basically electrolyzed water with salt added into the water.Electrolytic water is acid electrolytic water and alkaline electrolytic water, both of which are harmful to the human body. Neutral electrolytic water mixed with both is a highly safe electrolytic water.?
Tests at the Kitasato Environmental Research Center have revealed the new coronavirus is also effective.It has also been known to be effective against a variety of other viruses and bacteria.

The Nihon Keizai Shimbun in May 2020 reported on the neutral electrolysis water of Alpha Torino.



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